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Acoustic Metal Ceilings


RippleTone metal ceilings provide designers with the scope to create exciting and unique effects, all the while delivering excellent noise reduction capabilities with a proven high acoustic rating. The corrugation design increases the surface area by as much as 22% over conventional flat metal ceilings.

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Manufactured by Renhurst in Australia, RippleSound is specifically designed to assist in the control of moisture within harsh aquatic centre environments. By utilising our own mechanically-fixed polythene vapour barrier, RippleSound has become the ceiling of choice for this environment.

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RenAcoustic Baffles

Offering outstanding acoustic performance, RenAcoustic baffles are an ideal solution for designers looking to incorporate acoustic absorption without the traditional look of a standard two-way exposed tile ceiling.

Baffles can be hung vertically or horizontally and are available in a multitude of colours, sizes and shapes.

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RenAcoustic Ceiling Tiles

RenAcoustic Supreme and RenAcoustic Composite

RenAcoustic Tiles are perfect for any project where architects and designers want to use the functionality of a two-way exposed grid system, yet demand a higher acoustic performance than can be achieved with conventional mineral fibre tiles.

RenAcoustic FP600

RenAcoustic Fabric Panels are an excellent solution for controlling noise in areas such as educational and hospitality spaces. They provide an outstanding NRC rating of 0.65 when fixed directly to walls or ceilings. A self adhesive backing allows for easy installation and they are available in a range of colours and sizes.

RenAcoustic Alutone Metal Pan

RenAcoustic Alutone Metal Pan ceiling tiles are made from lightweight aluminium. Finished in a durable powdercoat finish they are available with either a standard or Soundtex acoustic backing and provide excellent sound absorption properties.

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Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tiles

Mineral fibre acoustic ceilings tiles the ideal choice for high quality ceilings in high-rise office buildings, hotels, hospitals, educational facilities, airport buildings and shopping centres.

Plasterboard Ceiling Tiles

Now 10mm thick, Renhurst Plasterboard Ceiling Tiles offer a cost-effective budget option already installed in many big name showrooms, retail buildings and supermarkets such as Safeway.

Custom Ceiling Tiles

We have Australia’s largest range of oversize tile in stock. Our largest tile is 1645 mm x 620 mm which enables us to match almost any size tile you may find in older buildings throughout Australia.